20-20 A Play for the Awoken


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Available Autumn 2019

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20-20 A Play for the Awoken is a play that never made it to the stage. Commissioned in 2018 by The Royal Court Theatre, London, it concerns the life of Allen Welsh Dulles the designer and first civilian director of the CIA - the man who built the secret state that the western world has lived under ever since. The play exposes this history, and reveals a series of extraordinary truths about our deliberately limited understanding of our history, and that world. The wonder, perhaps, is not that the play was not done on the public stage but that it was commissioned at all. The second half of this volume is the full email correspondence between the author and The Court’s Artistic Director that led to the commission, and the reasons ultimately given for why the play could not be shared with the public. The play is being released in a numbered first edition.
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