A Curious Evening of Trance and Rap with the Ogden Sisters
In 2011 Nick Whitby was commissioned by Trifle Gathering to co-write/direct a follow-up to The Charity Shop Cabaret. The show has gone on to have two nationwide tours, including a two week residency at the Brewery in Bristol.

"The belly laugh per minute ratio will be higher than most shows you see this year but it doesn't come at the expense of the drama, with a truly heart-breaking moment in the second half that left the audience stunned. A second later our spirits were lifted without a beat being missed. A truly original, expertly crafted journey through the absurd world of Victoriana. See it, laugh your bloomers off and crave it all over again." (The Public Review)

"Saw this show last night and haven't stopped laughing yet. Trifle Gathering Productions' latest offering penned by the very talented Nick Whitby and Kyla Goodey is both curious, hilarious and a really rather magnificent piece of modern theatre altogether. It's my hot must-have ticket of the moment so just go and see it!" (What's-On Bristol)
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